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I just want a happy, normal, cute relationship where no one gets involved with the innera of our relationship and we can be affectionate together.

But obviously, thats too much to ask for.

  • Giles: Ms. Calendar.
  • Ms. Calendar: Oh no, please, call me Jenny. Ms. Calendar is my father.


I cant even bring myself to break up with you because you mean so much to me. Even though you dont give a fuck about me.

This is how I feel everyday!




friendly reminder that:

  • you are not weak if you want meds for your disorder
  • you are not weak if you relapse once
  • you are not weak if you relapse a thousand times
  • you are not weak if some kinds of therapy don’t work for you
  • you are not weak if some kinds of meds don’t work for you
  • you are not weak if you have a mental disorder.
I will reblog every time.

needed this

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why is my bedroom always so hot

maybe because it holds a portal to hell because satan himself thinks you’re a cutie and is reaching from the depths of hell to touch that booty

i love the science side of tumblr

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"Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference."Unique Quietness (via psych-facts)


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I keep trying to pick up the pieces of your brokenness, but the only thing that is happening is I’m getting cut.